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Non-Profit Fundraising Opportunities


SERVEGroup™ is the official food and beverage operator for Expo Square and Tulsa State Fair.  We are pleased to provide non-profit organizations with an exciting way to raise funds for their cause. 

We are looking for friendly, hard working volunteers to work the concession stands and portables during our events.  If your group/organization would like to be a part of an exciting and fun atmosphere while earning fundraising dollars, then this is a great opportunity for you.

We provide your organization with all the tools necessary to be successful.  In addition to getting a percentage of the sales, we provide you with training, supervision, and a meal.  Your group provides us with hardworking, enthusiastic individuals with positive attitudes to give our guests first class customer service.

We're always looking to get local community organizations involved in our success.  Contributions made to local non-profit organizations participating in our fundraising program have been astonishing. 


  • The group must comply with all laws governing fundraising activities and Expo Square Food and Beverage policies.
  • Group must apply their Non-Profit State Tax Identification Number on their signed service group agreement prior to your groups first event.
  • The group must operate for civic, charitable, religious, or educational purposes only.
  • The group must certify that all monies received will be used solely to support the groups activities and that no payments for services.
  • Expo Square Food and Beverage Services insists that group leader(s) read the Service Group Agreement and all group members read the Groups Handbook before they sign the service group waiver form.
  • Group members must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer and 19 or older to serve low point beer.
  • The non profit group is responsible for its own insurance requirements in all areas.  Any and all insurance coverage for group members is the sole responsibility of the group.

Concession Stands and Portables Available

Concession Stands:

Total Members Needed

Expo 1 – 4 workers
Expo 2 – 15 workers
Expo 3 – 12 workers
Expo 4 – 6 workers
Expo 5 – 12 workers
Expo 6 – 6 workers
Expo 7 – 8 workers
Upper Arena 2 workers
Lower Arena 4 workers
North Arena 2 workers
Dairy Bar 2 workers
East Pavilion 10 workers
West Pavilion 12 workers


Total Members Needed

Portables Dips N Dots 1 worker
Portables Corn Dog/Lemonade 2 workers
Portables Funnel Cake 2 workers

*Member numbers may vary upon event

** Total members needed include 1 group leader and 1 head cashier.

*** Expo Square will provide each stand with a Zone Manager.

Please remember that it is very important that all groups meet minimum staffing levels to insure first class customer service to our guests. We can’t do it without your group members so everyone must be present and on time ready to volunteer. Expo Square will deduct the amount it cost to staff for any member that you are short. All group members must be at least 18 years old to volunteer and they must be 19 years old or older to serve low point beer.  Stands and portables must be cleaned and organized thoroughly after every event. Groups will be charged a $50.00 cleaning fee for any past event cleaning that is considered excessive.

Non-Profit Fundraising Opportunities - Application





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